Free IPTV Test

Please read below before you ask for a Test


The Test is for 24 hours from the time it is send to you

It can take up to 12 hours for the Free Test to be send to you

Look for our email in your Spam / Junk folder


We do NOT provide everybody with a Free Test. We have our own criteria.

The main reasons for not receiving a Free Test or it has stopped working are:

you had a free test already

you are using a Proxy or VPN

you are using a Temp mail or email source we don’t know

the information in the Test form is not correct

other reasons we can not mention


The best Android App to use is below

Smart Player.apk    You can download it from Here

You can find the full list of countries we have in Here

Not all countries are included in the Test.

If you buy a subscription, you can choose which countries you want to have in it.