Payment Options

We have several Payment systems available. See which is more suitable for you.



€ 15 = 1 month
€ 35 = 3 months
€ 60 = 6 months
€ 100 = 12 months

AFTER your payment, you MUST fill in the form HERE


We accept Paypal payment ONLY by sending the payment as FRIENDS or SOMEONE YOU TRUST

It will not be accepted if payment is made for product or services.


Minimum payment of €35 ==> (3 months subscription)


Please ask for our Paypal account as it keeps changing

AFTER you make the payment please fill the form HERE

Bitcoin (wallet to wallet)

You can make a payment through BitCoin at the account below:

Please get the Exchange Rate from the link below

Our BITCOIN Account is below:



AFTER you make the payment please fill the form HERE